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BRAVO Dembare for a job well done. They have shown the rest of the world that Zimbabwe is not just about economic chaos.


THE moment I saw the Dynamos team members serenading at State House I knew they were doomed for defeat. No one who expects to be a winner can win if they associate with Mugabe unless they resort to rigging and violence.

DYNAMOS should pass through a winner on their way to Cameroon unless they want to learn how to rig.

SPECULATION and rumours have destroyed this nation. Let’s stand together, united as  sons and daughters of the soil and rebuild it.
Together we can stand and we will never achieve that as long as we put personal agendas ahead of those of the nation.
   Zimbabwe is not for Britain, the US, Mbeki or anybody else. We are the sole custodians of our destiny as a people and should not be told what to do by anybody. Right is might not the other way round.
Tonde Chiweshe, Harare.

MAHATMA Gandhi once said: “You should be the change that you want to see in the world.” So we as Zimbabweans should do the same and be united in fighting all our adversities.
Analyst, Harare.  

THE night darkens most before the dawn comes. Hang on fellow Zimbabweans –– do not despair –– we are almost there.
Zimbabwe Lover.

I SALUTE Morgan Tsvangirai for not attending the UN summit and opting to stay home to tackle the problems caused by Mugabe’s policies. He is showing us that he wants to do something to improve the plight of the people.

WHEN Tsvangirai is fully installed in his position, he must bring back all the civil servants who left because of Mugabenomics.

MUGABE thinks that he is the one who is being generous to the MDC yet it’s the other way round. People rejected him in the polls and now he wants the lion’s share of the powerful posts in cabinet –– it’s just mind boggling. His actions continue to show all well-meaning Zimbabweans the fact that he no longer has the people at heart at all.
MUGABE risks losing relevance  if he continues to attack Tsvangirai and his party especially when the latter has been so magnanimous in his dealings with him.

WHILST the circumstances have changed in both the Zimbabwean and world landscapes, Robert Mugabe refuses to do the same. He continues to advocate for the ruinous policies that have put us in the mess that we are in.
Royal, Harare.

ZANU PF negotiated with the two MDC formations as a united party and therefore any talk of reserving the Home Affairs ministry to former PF Zapu is mischief which should not be entertained. If they are serious in abiding with the 1987 Unity Accord then this time around Mugabe must give the Defence portfolio to a former PF Zapu member and concede Home Affairs to the MDC.
    Ex ZPRA cadre.

ZANU PF’s stubbornness stems from an entrenched culture of protecting hooligans and those who are corrupt and who now hold Mugabe hostage against the formation of a sensible power-sharing agreement.
Comrade Alex, Chinhoyi.

FIVE years of a compromise unity government are much better than a Zanu PF government all over again. We know that it is not what we voted for but at least a lot of Zanu PF bigwigs will lose posts.

CLOSING the RTGS facility is a painful sanction that Zanu PF and Gono have imposed on us.

GONO must leave office. He has failed to rein in the business community over profiteering. Whenever he introduces new denominations of money the result is an orgy of  price hikes particularly here in Mutare.
Tindo, Mutare.

WE need a respectable RBZ governor like Nigel Chanakira. Can you imagine the value of our currency if he is enlisted.
Economist, Harare.

ZESA tariff hikes would be justified if there is a reduction in load shedding. Consider how much we are  spending on firewood per month.
Economist, Harare.

RAMPANT corruption in the selling and distribution of maize in Kadoma continues unabated. May the powers that be look into this.

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