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Residents Suffer As Stalemate Drags On

THE Combined Harare Residents Association is deeply concerned by the delay in the finalisation of the appointment of Cabinet.


The economic crisis continues and this has negatively affected the livelihood of the ordinary citizens and the continued political stalemate is not helping matter

The current political and socio-economic problems require concrete and urgent policy reform, something that cannot be achieved without a government that is able to make decisions for economic, political and social change. Zimbabwe has operated without a government since the March 29 elections and this situation has seen most economic players doing business on impulsive speculations.

The economy has been left to take its own course, which unfortunately for the ordinary Zimbabwean citizens has been going downhill without restraint. The signing of the power-sharing deal between MDC and Zanu PF on September 15 was welcomed with cautious optimism by the Zimbabwean populace but it seems the ray of hope that had been created by the development is slowly fading with Zanu PF’s alleged reluctance to share power.

The Zimbabwean dollar has been losing value at an alarming rate and the daily price hikes of basic and non-basic commodities have created an environment that is not far from economic madness. Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono is desperately trying to grapple with the collapsing economy as the zeros are fast catching up with him.

The political and economic impasse has worsened things in the local governance arena as local authorities are increasingly finding it difficult to keep abreast of the spiralling inflation that has almost brought municipal operations to a standstill.

CHRA believes that the local governance system can only be resuscitated when the national governance crisis has been resolved. CHRA calls upon politicians to put the nation before self-interest. If things are to change, the transitional government must be founded on a platform of equal sharing of power between the parties.

Residents of Harare are concerned as they are being adversely affected by the current policies that resulted in the central government’s excessive interference in local governance. The water woes that have seen many Harare residents losing their lives to cholera outbreaks are a result of the ruthless decision to hand over the administration of sewer and water services to Zinwa.

The appointment and re-appointment of incompetent commissions and the notorious Operation Murambatsvina exercise are dreaded memories that have influenced residents to crave for the betterment of their situation. CHRA urges the powers that be to stop burying their heads in the sand and attend to the governance stalemate as a matter of urgency.

Combined Harare Residents Association.

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