Local Goods Awash In SA

WHERE do locals shop for groceries? Shops and shelves of registered companies are almost empty.


Travel to neighbouring countries and what do you see in the shops?

All Zimbabwean products from detergents to food.

Harpic toilet cleaner, Rabroy tomato sauce, Rabroy mayonnaise, Mazoe Orange Crush, Lyons peanut butter, Maggi soups, Quickbrew tea leaves, Tanganda tea bags, Cairns chips/chompkins, Dandy gum, margarine, Colcom ham, Lobels biscuits, sweets the list is endless.

Our own sugar too is available in bulk in South Africa and Botswana when it is not at home.

Where are sanctions coming from when Zimbabwe is exporting almost all basic commodities?

What does the government want the people to do for a living and survival?

M Marrock