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FATAL-PUBLICITY: A publicity stunt by an underdog in the race to be governor of Bangkok went badly wrong when her campaign manager drowned as they bathed in a canal to highlight the plight of residents who have no access to clean water.


Candidate Leena Jangjanya said 32-year-old Thirasak Sitanont drowned as she and other staff were showing journalists the rashes they got from washing in the filthy water.

“One of my staff saw him waving and crying for help, but we thought he was pretending and he was far away from us, posing for two TV crews,” a sobbing Leena told Reuters.

“A few minutes later he disappeared and we had to call the police to come and find him,” said Leena.

Leena, a businesswoman, is among 16 candidates in the race to be governor of Thailand’s capital city of 10 million people.

She said she had suspended her campaign for the October 5 election to help arrange a funeral for Thirasak and look after his wife, who is seven months pregnant. “If I were to continue to campaign after his death, I would be no better than an animal,” she said. –– Reuters.

BUM-RAP: An alleged bank robber was caught as she tried to raid the same branch twice –– when a witness identified her by her big bum.

Police say Sandra Meiser (26) got away with a £12 000 robbery in Norf, western Germany, after threatening bank staff with a gun.

Witnesses told officers that the raider was a woman with a “very large” backside and “powerful thighs”. Then weeks later one witness found himself behind what he believes to be the same bottom as they stood in a queue at the same branch.

“He called the police and they arrested her and found her ski mask and hand gun in her jacket. He said he recognised her bottom straight away –– he’d never forget something that big,” said one bank worker.

Now Meiser is facing up to 10 years in jail on robbery and firearms charges while the 61-year-old witness has landed a £4 000 reward. –– Ananova.

HAPLESS-ROMEO: A lovestruck German banker allegedly staged the kidnap of a workmate –– and then rescued her so she’d fall for him.

Tom Mueller (36) from Eisingen, was desperate for his 30-year-old colleague to fancy him but thought he didn’t stand a chance.

Police say he broke into Tanja Schulze’s home in the middle of the night and told her that he was the boss of a ruthless kidnap gang.

Wearing a mask and speaking English to disguise his voice, Mueller allegedly tied her up and put a bag on her head while he ransacked her home for four hours.

Then he rang the doorbell, ripped off his mask, and rushed into the house to rescue her claiming he’d frightened off the gang.

But police say they found Schulze’s purse –– supposedly stolen by the gang –– in his pocket. Now he is facing kidnapping, unlawful entry, and theft charges over his stunt. –– Ananova.

PRIESTLY-INDULGENCE: An Italian man returned home from work early –– to find his wife in bed with their local priest.

The angry husband stormed into the local bishop’s office in Chioggia, near Venice, and demanded an explanation. The local bishop Angelo Daniel has now confirmed that the adulterous priest has been sent to another parish for “reeducation”.

The 53-year-old priest was described as a specialist on the Bible and had been a good friend of the couple.

Bishop Daniel added: “I have always respected the priest in question and I will continue to respect him. You cannot discount all the good a person has done in their life just because of one mistake.”–– Ananova.



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