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Miss Tourism’s Donation In Bad Taste

MISS Tourism runner-up Avril Mhembere has taken charity to new lows.

She was pictured in a daily newspaper recently all smiles donating covo (rugare) to a children’s home in Mufakose. Those orphans have covo day in day out and beans would have been a welcome relief.

Considering that the last beauty queen Carol Marufu spent her whole reign staying at a five-star hotel in Harare, Karikoga Kaseke, ZTA boss should have helped Mhembere in this worthy cause. I do not know if Mhembere is so publicity thirsty that she goes to such lengths to get attention.

For the reporter who covered the event that was irresponsible journalism. If you think that was news then you are in the wrong field and I am afraid your taste for news is absurd.

In Shona we say “Kudzorera marasha kuHwange” literally meaning taking coal back to Hwange. Avril your donation was in bad taste, those kids are tired of a sadza and covo diet.

Covo diet


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