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OOPS!: A British MI6 spy’s disguise slipped during a television interview when his fake moustache started falling off.


The agent, known only as John and the first spy to appear on camera, was being interviewed in disguise for the BBC’s One Show.

But during the interview the heat of the film crew’s lights made the adhesive weaken on his moustache.

The interviewer, BBC journalist Justin Rowlatt, said : “It wasn’t like a Paxman interview but I was trying to get under his skin a bit and understand what it was like to do his job.

“I noticed that he was touching his upper lip occasionally. It was clear that the edge of the moustache was peeling away slightly and that he was aware of what was happening.”

He added: “I tried to ignore it but when we had a break in the filming I said to him, ‘John, the old moustache is coming off”. –– Ananova.

PIGGY-BANK-FELON: A man convicted of stealing US$20 from a toddler’s piggy bank has been sentenced to six years in prison. Four-time convicted burglar Ryan Mueller was convicted of felony burglary as a repeat offender in a Wisconson court in the US.

Prosecutors say the 31-year-old Mueller broke into a home in August 2007 and stole money from a two-year-old girl’s piggy bank while she slept. They say the girl’s mother walked into the room and caught Mueller in the act.

Mueller also was sentenced to five years’ probation. His is to serve his sentence consecutively to a six-year prison sentence he was handed in June for a separate burglary conviction. –– AP.

BARTER-TRADE: An attorney was suspended for more than a year for accepting nude dances from a stripper as partial payment for the legal fees she owed him. The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission said Scott Robert Erwin will begin serving a 15-month suspension for misconduct next month.

Erwin and his client mutually agreed that she’d perform nude dances for him in his office as a way to reduce her legal fees, the commission’s report said. He credited her for US$534 toward his bill for services of various legal matters, the report said.

While she agreed to the performances, the client contended he touched her inappropriately during those dances, and she went to the police in 2002 with sexual assault allegations. Erwin denied any inappropriate touching happened, and he was never charged criminally, the report said. –– AP.

RUDE-INTERRUPTION: German police officers insisted on taking statements from theft victims –– during their wedding ceremony.

Constanze (34) and Rocco Zahn (36) from Glauchau in Saxony were furious when the cops insisted on halting the service to quiz the couple. Earlier, the pair had reported the theft of a laptop and wedding presents from the groom’s stag party the night before. The over-dutiful officers failed to announce to the wedding party why they were leading the groom away though.

“Everyone thought Rocco was in trouble with the police when two officers waltzed into the ceremony and led him away –– after all the stag party was quite a wild one,” said guest Heiner Winkler.

The wedding guests’ shock soon turned to anger when they realised the real reason for the visit though.

“When we found out they were just taking statements though all the guests started booing and the officers scarpered pretty quickly. There’s a time and a place for these things,” Winkler continued.

But to make matters worse the police contacted the couple later –– to say there was insufficient evidence and they needed to take further statements to proceed with the case. –– AP.

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