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Children Should Not Be Used For Political Ends

AS a proud citizen of Zimbabwe I would like to appeal to the new government of national unity to provide laws that make it illegal to force school children to attend political rallies.


Zanu PF is notorious for forcing school children to wait for hours and hours under the hot sun so that politicians can address “huge crowds”. It is quite true that some hungry and thirsty school children have fainted while waiting to be addressed by these politicians. School children must never be abused, let alone for political purposes, particularly when they are incapable of voting.

Furthermore, political parties must not be allowed to use school facilities for the purpose of political rallies without paying for them. I propose that there be charges which schools should be free to stipulate and such fees should be paid before the said rally and the school should then be allowed to use such fees to develop their school, be it for purchasing stationery or furniture.

Never again must we allow the breeding of fear in our young children by forcing them to attend these rallies. Let’s set the ball rolling now and safeguard the lives of our children. If the politicians want to see children at their rallies, then they should have their own children wait on them, not other people’s children.

Benard Dzumbunu


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