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Bank Charges Criminally Ridiculous

BANK charges have gone ridiculous. For one to get a statement it costs $5 000, for an internal transfer it is $10 000.


For one to get a small cheque book it costs $100 000 and the bigger company cheque book costs $300 000. How do banks arrive at these criminal figures?

The maximum cash I can get is a mere $1 000 after using a leaf which has more value than the amount being withdrawn.

It does not make sense at all.

What justification does the bank have to charge such a high fee? They should in fact be grateful that under these harsh times I am giving them my money to keep and must not charge such punitive rates as if it is a crime to bank with them.

Gone are the days one happily banked and withdrew their salaries.

Banks ought to sit down as a matter of urgency and treat their clients with the respect they deserve. For now they have lost one client as I will no longer be their client.

Get real and charge realistic fees.

For now I will keep the little money I have under my pillow at home and access it when needed without any hassles.

Cheated once again.


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