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New Govt Just A Change Of Management

THE Government of National Unity being formed by Zanu PF and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formations will be in essence a change managers.


Zimbabweans have suffered for so long and probably became so disillusioned that they might take time to appreciate real prospects for change. In change management you look for quick wins in order to win over cynics and sceptics and build on your quick wins to show the followers that we can do it. However, media and communication will be the key to the change we seek.

Most failures in change management are grounded in people’s emotional attitudes to change, and consequently are not necessarily rational in nature which is why communication is extremely important because it is a two-way process. It is extremely important for the new inclusive government to address the issue of communication and information in a professional manner so that Zimbabweans are on the same page and can buy into the change agenda.

Every voice matters and it comes with the territory in a Government of National Unity because without adequate communication people will pull in different directions, support individual leaders or players.

It was such a shame that while those of us in the diaspora could watch the proceedings of the signing ceremony live on BBC and Sky channels on September 15, some Zimbabweans did not even know that there was such a historic occasion going on.

It is also possible that details of the agreement remain scant to most Zimbabweans because not enough care has been taken to ensure information filters down to remote villages and is translated into vernacular so that every Zimbabwean understands what has been agreed.

Our media practitioners, some of which are imbedded in party politics may need some reorientation so that our change efforts as Zimbabweans are articulated satisfactorily at all times.

This will include areas where the new government will be failing and areas where they succeed. Points scoring and partisan support for individual players is one thing that we need to guard against.

It is important to avoid declaring victory too soon even if we need to secure short-term wins in order inspire the people.

The quick wins that the new government could achieve include issues that may not need resources but political good will. Such issues include opening up the media which is in the agreement signed between Zanu PF and the MDC formations.

The media can promote a battle of ideas if run professionally and it is important for community development. In the past our politics has been focusing too much on individuals and personalities.

By Musekiwa Makwanya

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