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MDC Formations Unite

WHILST I acknowledge the fact that there might be irreconcilable ideological and personality differences between the leaders of the two formations of the MDC, they can no longer afford to work at cross purposes.


The recently signed power-sharing deal has undoubtedly ushered in a new era in which Mugabe and his surrogates can no longer have a business as usual approach to (mis)governing this nation. Mugabe has indeed lost a significant chunk of the power which he has held exclusively for close to three decades and his party’s prominence has diminished considerably.

However he has managed to retain enough power –– in my view –– to be able to hold sway over the MDCs particularly if the formations continue to be sidetracked by their personal differences which in my view are petty if not downright childish.

Zanu PF is focused on the agenda of regaining its foothold on the political landscape and will use the divide and rule strategy –– if the opportunity offers itself –– to get back into the game.

For the MDC formations to busy themselves in decampaigning each other –– to me –– borders on criminality.

Fine, they cannot reunite as one party, but I believe for expediency and indeed their own survival, they need to get their act together and unite against a common foe who has no shortage of ideas to frustrate the change agenda they profess to want to bring into the Zimbabwean landscape.

Joshua Munekani.

Chiwara, Gutu.

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