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Joint Art Exhibition At Local Gallery

RICHARD Rennie Galleries at Belgravia is hosting an exciting new joint exhibition which will be opened on Wednesday, at 5.30 pm, displaying works by two very talented local artists, Tamryn Pohl and Percy Manyonga.


Tamryn Pohl paints in the semi-abstract-Impressionistic style and has some lively new pieces executed in vibrant water colours and ink, occasionally adding charcoal or pencil.

Colour is vitally important to her and she portrays the vibrations of her subjects in different colours rather than their natural colour. She has a great ability to capture the “joie de vivre”, character and unique personalities of animals and birds, often adding a sense of fun to her pieces.

Tamryn was born in Zimbabwe, growing up on her parent’s Centenary tobacco farm and was inspired by the abundant wildlife from a young child, growing up wanting to be an artist.

As a young adult, Tamryn travelled overseas for a few years, painting and sketching as she went. She returned to Zimbabwe in 2001 to begin her career as a professional artist and has had several very successful group exhibitions in Harare, but works on commission pieces as well.

Her work has been sold in Dubai, USA, UK, South Africa, Zambia and Australia. she takes part in various exhibitions, raising money for conservation and wildlife charities in Zimbabwe. Having recently married, she now resides in Zambia.

Percy Manyonga is a very talented young abstract artist, born and educated in Goromonzi.

Percy’s inspiration is drawn from his experiences and memories as a child tending to his family’s cattle. This exhibition reveals the contrasting experiences of an African child – from being free to revel in the open air, surrounded by the breath-taking scenery of Mashonaland East to the stark reality of encountering a carcass in the midst of great beauty.

The exhibition is not only a testament to his culture and childhood, but also a reminder of the important role that cattle play in African culture.

After three years training at the BAT Visual Arts Studios under the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, he qualified in Fine Art and went on to attend many workshops, continually being inspired by the talents of Hilary Kashiri, Helen Lieros and Mozambican artist Malangatana Ngwenya.

Percy has mastered numerous techniques in which to manipulate layers of paint, evoking underlying intense and provocative meanings. He is a deep-thinking, passionate man whose evocative use of colour, lends a lingering depth and movement to his work.

By Dusty Miller

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