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Moyo Challenges Election Of Speaker

INDEPENDENT Member of Parliament for Tsholotsho North Jonathan Moyo yesterday said that he intends to challenge in the High Court the election of MDC-T’s Lovemore Moyo as speaker of the house of assembly on the bases that the elections were not free and fair.

Moyo, who nominated Paul Themba Nyathi for Speaker from the smaller formation of the MDC led by Arthur Mutambara, said it was his duty to make sure that the new Zimbabwe was not built on a “platform of fraud” and said he was consulting his lawyers on the course of action to take. He said the elections were a circus.
However, Morgan Tsvangirai’s camp in a statement this week, claimed that Moyo and Zanu PF were plotting to reverse the results “to prevent a robust and vibrant parliament”.
It said: “The MDC would like to make it clear that the MPs’ vote for Lovemore Moyo was a true reflection of the will of the people of Zimbabwe. It represents a triumph for democracy, which has shocked the deadwood in Zanu PF. The election of Moyo as Speaker of Parliament remains a historic occasion, which cannot be reversed by losers, regardless of whatever machinations they can concoct to reverse the people’s will.”
The former Minister of Information and publicity described the claims of a plot as “a jumpy and jittery reaction of poor folks who are guilty”.
“This is a classical example that the guilty are always afraid because they know only too well the gravity of their speaker’s electoral fraud. That is why they are running scared and throwing mud all over the place. Everyone saw what the MDC MP’s were doing —showing their ballot papers to (deputy president Thokozani) Khupe and (party chief whip Innocent) Goneso.
“Somebody must tell them that their claim of plot against their embattled speaker is preposterous because an open court application cannot be a plot. It is a simple and straightforward legal matter which they should handle legally unless they know they have something to hide from the court.”
He disputed allegations that the challenge was brought about at a strategy workshop held by MDC Mutambara faction in Kadoma last weekend which he Moyo attended.
“As for those who are manufacturing idiotic stories about what they imagine or wish I said at the MDC-Mutambara workshop in Kadoma last weekend, I challenge them to have the courage of their idiocy and submit affidavits with their Kadoma allegations to the court in support of their speaker’s indefensible electoral fraud that was committed in broad daylight with breath-taking arrogance.
“As one of Paul Themba Nyathi’s election agents on the day I have legal and ethical obligation to bring the matter to justice without any fear or favour whatsoever,” Moyo said.
Lovemore Moyo was elected Speaker of Parliament after he garnered 110 votes against former MP Nyathi who received 98 votes.

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