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Zesa Should Take Us Seriously

AS a resident of Chitungwiza and a citizen of Zimbabwe, I am appalled by the contempt with which Zesa has handled the fact that we in Zengeza 5 have been without electricity for close to 5 months.


I strongly feel that as an urbanite, I have the right –– not the priviledge — to make use of the convenience of electricity, considering that I pay my bills on time.

I understand that we are living in hard times and that load shedding is being carried out right across the country. However I fail to understand why our area has been denied electricity continuously for months on end.

All the other areas are given reprieves when electricity comes back on, but it seems that no one at the power utility bothers to switch us back on.

To add insult to injury no one at Zesa has been forthcoming in explaining to us what the problem is and the measures that need to be taken to address them.

We feel shortchanged as a community by its intransigence and insensitivity to customers’ needs.

Can our recently elected MPs and senators look into our situation and champion our cause. These are the pertinent issues they need to address urgently before they worry about perks and benefits. We hope that they heed our call.

In the dark.


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