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Zanu PF Is Now The Opposition

THE response by Zanu PF to the heckling of their leader Robert Mugabe during the opening of the 7th session of parliament was to be expected.


As the opposition in parliament, Zanu PF was bound to oppose the action by MDC legislators since they were not used to being in opposition let alone experiencing the heckling they endured. All along Zanu PF has been heckling the opposition and did not know how it felt.

My advice to Zanu PF is for them to adapt fast to their new status and stop acting like cry babies. It is not unusual for speakers, presidents or prime ministers, in other countries to be heckled in the august house. For easy reference they can check with their erstwhile enemy Britain, whose former prime minister Tony Blair was heckled time and again during parliamentary debates and also during the prime minister’s question time.

The fact that Zanu PF created an untouchable being among themselves, does not mean that heckling and demonstrating against it is a crime. How else, in Zimbabwe, can one ever demonstrate against the president of Zimbabwe under the current laws outside parliament? One can be arrested for criticising Mugabe publicly or waving at his motorcade and be charged for demeaning the office of the president.

Of course, the president must be protected, but protecting him this way is blasphemous as doing so is creating a semi-god on earth.

The electorate should be allowed the opportunity to express themselves in favour of or against the president as they see fit. That is democracy.

The call to purge MDC legislators by Zanu PF is out of order and equating this demonstration to the Chinamasa-Bennett fiasco is crazy. Bennett was unduly punished when he was sentenced to a one year jail term for the assault on Patrick Chinamasa –– even though Dydmus Mutasa who “kicked him (Bennett) very hard”, was left unpunished.

The president of MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai, has been heckled for the past 10 years by Zanu PF with Mugabe leading the pack. Now it is your turn.

Nizola Shiri


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