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Let Us Rebuild Our Country

I WANT to believe that we all desperately want to see our nation getting out of this morass we find ourselves in.


It appears nothing much is happening on the ground and I would like to get in touch with people willing to work towards finding and implementing real solutions to the issues we have to deal with.

Someone told me about an organisation that was formed in some country which I would like to follow through.

Leaders from various sectors came together and established a head office where meetings would take place regarding suggestions, information and complaints.

They would then present this data to government and responsible authorities who used what was relevant.

Leaders can be from various social sectors.

The grouping will be open to all religious, ethnic, urban, rural, industrial, farming, economic, educational, sport, security, organisations. It would be apolitical and its priority would be to see the country running well again.

If you know anyone I can work with in this regard, please contact me at novern1@yahoo.com.

Let’s start laying the groundwork for a prosperous future for ourselves and generations to come.

There are a lot of points that would need a face-to-face discussion between the main drivers.

I am looking for more ideas and suggestions and I believe there are a lot of you out there who are able to assist.

Novern Chanyanya,


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