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Guard Against Excessive Presidential Power

JORAM NYATHI’S article titled “Power, divine Kings and Tsvangirai”, was insightful.


I think people should be wary of the disastrous consequences of euphoria.

This same Robert Mugabe we are desperate to get rid of today, was a promising cadre in 1980 and clearly a better option than Ian Smith.

Mugabe’s unholy alliance initially with the late Eddison Zvobgo and later with Patrick Chinamasa in doctoring the Constitution has entrenched the dictatorial and divine powers which Morgan Tsvangirai demands in the power-sharing talks.

Tsvangirai should demand the people’s power and will, through empowering those state and community organs which ensure that the powers of the current and future executive are checked.

These organs cannot be the legislature and the judiciary alone, for we saw how these could be vulnerable to abuse.

The time has come to empower communities in collective leadership. The civil society is one way of achieving this. Ensuring that investigative journalism flourishes in a new Zimbabwe is also another effective way. You were spot on in concluding that Tsvangirai and Mugabe share one key commonality –– they are human. It is the destructive “human nature” we need to safeguard all Zimbabweans against.

Lovemore Madhuku and his NCA colleagues need to be supported by all, as we shape the future of Zimbabwe.

The resultant Constitution should be defended by demanding that referendums are conducted where critical decisions that affect Zimbabwe nationhood are made and that amendments to the Constitution are not vested with parliament alone but extend to the communities.

Robert Mudzvova

South Africa.


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