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Congratulations To Mutambara

I WOULD like to congratulate you. When it comes to treachery and greed you have set a standard that will be hard to surpass.


I hope you will now find joy and happiness with your comrades in Zanu PF, Arthur Mutambara.

The people of Zimbabwe too will, I am sure, never forget the way you fought for their rights and their liberty and in due course I hope that you will be appropriately rewarded. So too I guess will the esteemed Cde Welshman Ncube be rewarded, you are truly a unique combination.

You have also convincingly demonstrated the absolute need for high academic qualifications if you are to be accepted into the circle you have tried so long and so desperately to join. Again I am sure that the suffering people of Zimbabwe will remember your unswerving dedication to the person you deem most important of all. Self interest is after all a good thing to behold.

In most universities it is a requirement that engineering students do a course in what is called “Liberal Studies” in order that they learn something of the humanities. It would seem when you were a student you did not attend or more likely understand the lectures on ethics. This is very apparent.

If you should think that I am mocking your much-vaunted education and maturity, please be assured that it is totally intentional.

Charles Frizell,

St Petersburg (Stalingrad),

Russian Federation.

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