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Venturing Into New Frontiers

TEEMING with soulful, eclectic reggae, ragga and urban contemporary beats, session musician Lazzie T’s debut album will definitely appeal to gospel music lovers who are weary of the monotonous and predictable style which has come to be the order of the day in this particular genre of music.


Whilst the message inherent in the music in the album would resonate with that of mainstream gospel music, the presentation on this installment is refreshing and is indeed a welcome respite.

Lazarus Chapo, better known as Lazzie T in music circles has established himself as an instrumentalist –– having played keyboards for the likes of Progress Chipfumo, Albert Nyathi and Q Montana amongst a host of other musicians.

The success of the band of which he is part, Savanna Afro at the recently held Music Crossroads competition at the Zimbabwe College of Music –– in which they progressed to represent Harare at the national level –– is testament of his abilities as an instrumentalist.

In releasing his debut solo album therefore, the diminutive 23 year old is trying his hand as the lead vocalist for the first time.

The eight-track album, entitled Ruwoko Rwenyu which is gospel throughout, is a clear reflection of the various musical influences that Lazzie has incorporated into his music. Tracks such as You deserve the Glory, Heal Africa and Ruwoko Rwenyu are inclined towards the conscious reggae and ragga style with the booming bass lines in the background evoking nostalgic memories of Dennis Brown and Maxi Priest.

He also employs the conventional “Zim-beat” which he uses to good effect in such songs as Kune Musha and Tendeuka.

I personally found the songs with the more Zimbabwean “feel” to them more appealing such as Dzidzisai in which he implores parents to empower their children with knowledge and to be attentive to their needs so that they may succeed in life.

A Wedding Day, is a groovy, danceable tune that is sure to be played frequently at weddings if it manages to get airplay. On the song –– which is set in a carnival atmosphere of ululation and celebration –– Lazzie invites one and all to come bear witness to the wondrous spectacle of the joining in holy matrimony of the two about to wed.

By Ngoni Muzofa

*For music and entertainment news contact ngonim@zimind.co.zw or alternatively 0912 241005.


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