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Tsvangirai Should Remain Resolute

MORGAN Tsvangirai has made it clear that he wants to negotiate for real power rather than for a window-dressing settlement.


He knows that anything less would be anathema to Zimbabweans inside and outside the country.

For me, and my children born and bred in Zimbabwe, we want our Zimbabwean passports re-validated. We want the freedom to return home as citizens, not visitors. We want to see an end to the murders, torturing, bullying and violence being perpetrated by Zanu PF thugs, green bombers, the military and the police.

We want to see the media operating without fear or favour, and to be in a democratic environment that respects and upholds human rights.

None of the aforementioned will become a reality unless Tsvangirai keeps insisting on the government post of executive prime minister.

And Tsvangirai has the mandate from the people, both inside and outside of Zimbabwe, to do just that.

Mike Rook,


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