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A TRUE democrat has once again been taken from our lives.


Zimbabweans are the biggest losers from the death of President Mwanawasa who passed on fighting in our corner. We convey our deepest condolences to his family and the Zambian nation.


PICTURE this; a hunter kills a bird leaving its chicks gaping for food. For Zimbabweans, death has played the hunter’s role by silencing a voice of reason –– Levy Mwanawasa. Our deepest condolences.


IF Zimbabweans don’t own up, the situation will deteriorate further and Zimbabweans will trudge along miserably with no sign of hope. We should forget about outside assistance –– the rest of the world would rather obsess over Paris Hilton’s shopping habits, than the plight of some African country.

The Sudanese are killing each other and Kenya’s elections were drenched in blood, but nobody really took notice. Why do we think we are any different?


THE present government should be ashamed. They are paying civil servants $200 which is less than R15 and expect them to vote for and support them. We would rather support Morgan Tsvangirai.

Tamla, Bulawayo.

THERE will be no permanent solution to Zimbabwe’s economic and social problems unless the real wishes of Zimbabweans, not its politicians, are respected. To the negotiators we say: to hasten is to err, you should cater for the interests of the majority.

Regime Change.

IT has come to my notice that some pseudo-intellectuals in the journalistic fraternity are going to great lengths to portray Morgan Tsvangirai as a leader championing personal interests ahead of those of the nation. Nothing could be further from the truth and such journalists –– I believe –– are following some ignoble narrow sectional interests.

Wide Awake.

THE fact that the Herald is demonising Tsvangirai over his failure to sign the deal gives the impression that they were up to something and they have been caught out.


WE want a political settlement that reflects the wishes of the people. Tsvangirai should have more authority than Mugabe or Mutambara.


MUTAMBARA seems to be a puppet of Mugabe. It’s uncanny how his statements mirror those of Mugabe. Does he honestly believe that Zanu PF does not deserve sanctions for what it has done to the country? Think again Professor!


ZIMBABWEANS should rally behind Morgan Tsvangirai as we did during the March 29 elections. We are not alone in this battle; Botswana and Zambia have demonstrated that they are on our side.

Governor in waiting.

CUSTOMER service at Kingdom Bank First Street branch leaves a lot to be desired. This is tarnishing the name of such an excellent bank.


ZESA or Zedc calls it “load shedding”. But can anyone at Zinwa tell us please what they call what they are subjecting us to? We are fed up.

Kool Kat, Chegutu.

ZIMBABWE’S so called “born frees” are not free at all. Free people are not forced out of their countries of birth.


JONATHAN Moyo opines that it is wrong to have more food (goats) than consumers. What logic is there in that?

Zibusiso ka Manzagudu.

TO Jonathan Moyo I say we have more people than any other breed of animals in Zimbabwe and yet we have not only a leadership crisis but all manner of crises imaginable. How do you explain that professor? I think you give intellectuals everywhere a bad name!

J, Chit.

DEAL sealed? Which one is that may I ask? The Herald has to stop peddling falsehoods and apologise to the public.


MOST of the problems in Zimbabwe stem from the fact that we are unable to put a dividing line between the government and the ruling party. The ruling party plunders state resources at the expense of the people and if one were to criticise this, they would be labelled as being unpatriotic. One should only be patriotic to the nation and not to a political party.

Taneta, J.

IF Tsvangirai allows Mugabe to retain executive power he will destroy the MDC like he did Zapu. The contents of a deal are more important than the speed with which it is signed.

LRA, Harare.

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