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Dialogue: Way Forward

YOUTH Agenda Trust views the dialogue between the rival political parties as an important step towards constructive engagement and addressing the polarisation which has had adverse effects on the development of our society.


We are however worried by the reluctance by the state to respect the rule of law as witnessed by the continued arrest and victimisation of human rights defenders and the politicisation of food aid and government assistance as well as the continued closure of the democratic space.

We are also concerned about the exclusivity of the talks as they are failing to capture the day to day challenges and realities being faced by the ordinary citizens.

We however view the talks as a political reality and thus demand that any outcome should be centred on addressing the key challenges being faced by the country, ie economic meltdown, health crisis, education crisis and the socio-political crisis.

We therefore list below our immediate expectations from the governing body which will be formed from the political settlement.

lImmediate setting up of independent and democratic governance structures and systems which can safeguard the interests and rights of the broader society.

lGuarantee a return to democracy and good governance and popular participation.

lDevelopment of complementary means of participation, representation and expression of the ideas and potential of young people.

lDevelopment of cross cutting youth participation structures which ensure cross sectoral representation and co-ordination.

lDevelopment of systems which ensure that youth become active contributors in the structures of a representative and pluralist democracy.

lBroader societal reconstruction and the reintegration of youths who have been both victims and perpetrators of violence.

lLastly a people-driven constitution.

Above all, the governing body should be reflective of the democratic will of the people as reflected by the results of the March 29 harmonised elections and hence any governing body that does not include MDC-T falls short of the will and aspirations of the people.

Youth Agenda Trust,


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