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Schools Should Be Realistic With Requests

MOUNT Selinda High School in Chipinge is being unreasonable in its request for students to bring 70kg of maize or meal-mealie when schools open next month.


Parents understand the tough environment that schools are operating under and are more than willing to assist where possible. For a school to ask for a two litre bottle of cooking oil, 2kg packet of sugar, 4kg packet of beans, a packet of salt etc is very reasonable. It gets absurd when they ask for 70kg of mealie-meal.

How does one take that to school? Imagine a student with a 70kg load of maize. Sure sadza is our staple food, but the school should make arrangements with the local GMB depot to have supplies of maize or buy from the local community if the GMB silos are empty. Parents have no problem paying for that. They should also request realistic fees not the $500 they asked for as fees for third term.

A week after schools’ opening they send students back home for top up fees. Top up fees should be required say after a month of schools’ opening and parents should know that in advance not to just have your child sent back home a week after leaving home for school.

The price of rice has also gone beyond the reach of many people and schools catering for our children from the poor community should just cut that out of their menu and replace it with sadza.

Concerned Parent



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