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It’s A Weird World

GOAT-MONARCHY: A mountain goat was crowned king of Ireland on Sunday at an ancient festival.


The Puck Fair, which dates back centuries, is an annual event marked by drinking and music in the town of Killorglin in southern Ireland.

At the centre of the festivities is a male goat, who is caught in the surrounding mountains, and paraded through the town with much fanfare before reigning as king for three days.

The origins of the fair remain unclear, but it always falls on August 10-12.

One theory suggests mountain goats alerted residents of the town to an impending attack by English leader Oliver Cromwell’s forces in the 17th century. Another points to pre-Christian pagan links.

At least 100 000 visitors are expected to attend the celebration this year, which also features horse and cattle shows.”King Puck” himself will enjoy stately care and regular feeding before being released back into the wild.

“He will have regal duties for three days and after that he’ll be just another goat,” said Mangan. –– Reuters.

DUMB-FELON: A car door and a stack of personal papers left behind at an accident scene helped authorities in Morris county in the US track down an alleged drunk driver. Police said a 20-year-old woman struck a utility pole and then drove off.

Officers then responded to the scene and found the door of a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier and several papers bearing the woman’s name and address.

A short time later, Denville police reported that the woman had crashed a 1996 Chevy Cavalier with a missing door into a stone wall about two miles farther down Valley Road.

The woman, who was treated at an area hospital for minor injuries, faces charges of drunken driving, underage drunken driving and numerous motor vehicle violations. –– AP.

ONE-MAN-VOTE: All it takes is one vote to win. Just ask a Tennessee woman who was elected constable by voting for herself.

Angela Tuttle (32) said her father encouraged her to run as a write-in candidate because no one else was vying for one of the positions in Hancock County, which is in northeastern Tennessee.

Tuttle said her husband initially didn’t even realise she was running.

“I finally told him about a month before the election,” she said. Her husband didn’t think she would win, but now he “just grins at her”, she said.

Hancock County election officials said 131 voters of the 674 registered in the 3rd District voted Thursday. Tuttle’s vote was the only one cast in the constable race. She will be sworn in Decembe 1.

The certified nursing assistant and mother of a 10-year-old son will help serve warrants and patrol neighbourhoods in her district. She said her father, a longtime constable who won his own re-election in another district, will “show her the ropes.” –– AP.

BORN-TO-BE-TOGETHER: A British couple are tying the knot this weekend –– 22 years after they were born next to each other in the same hospital ward.

Kelly Robinson and Dale Wilson were born just three days apart at Northampton General Hospital, with their mothers recovering in adjacent beds.

They lived separate lives until they were introduced by a mutual friend in 2006 –– exactly 20 years and one day since they first “met”. But the pair only realised their connection when their mums got together and started talking about their births.

“Everything fell into place when we got together. It felt like we’d known each other for ever.

“It’s so strange how we’ve met again and fallen in love. I can’t imagine it happening to anyone else. I feel so lucky I’ve found Dale.”, Kelly said. –– Ananova.

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