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Ideas On Fixing Zim Problems

IN my opinion this can help in fixing some of the problems the country faces today.


Hyperinflation: is caused by the government printing money on a large scale for two purposes:

* To pay government workers’ wages and salaries, pay sub-contractors, buy supplies to keep the economy afloat.

*To provide monies which the elite can steal and (usually but not always) externalise. The solution is two fold.

Get international budgetary and balance of payments assistance from external donors for a period of time (eg six months/two years/five years) which will amount to 10%-40% of GNP every year.

Eliminate present and future corruption, especially at presidential and crony levels. This will probably require a moratorium on past corruption, including corruption from the recent past, and will require very stiff penalties for any and all future corruption, with no immunity.

Budgetary assistance as above will also enable the currency to be replaced by the rand or the US dollar, or any other suitable currency, including the Chinese renimbi.

Legalisation of the use of one or several non-Zimbabwe dollar currencies should be implemented.

Budgetary and BoP assistance can come either from the West or from China (or both or from anyone else who is willing)

Fixing will involve eliminating hyperinflation and corruption.

It will also require budgetary and BoP support which will require domestic and foreign investment, and especially investment in productive sectors.

One has to hope that the economy will largely fix itself (ie the population will autonomously rebuild the economy) once the macro-economic conditions are right.

Depoliticise society and government, this does not mean institute a one-party or a no-party state –– it merely means remove government propaganda from the streets and the media, and depoliticise the army, police, the CIO and all kinds of militias. Indeed all militias must be formally demobilised and reintegrated into society.

The motto must be that the government is now the servant and not the master of the people. The system whereby membership of the ruling political party brings economic and legal/immunity benefits must be abolished and deconstructed.

Other topics needing discussion include: immunity and compensation, elections (future), poverty alleviation, NGOs and donors, diaspora returnees, politics and parties, land, human rights, utilities (electricity, water, postal services, telephone, etc)

Most NGOs (including the big names internationally) and donors have never been serious in any country about eliminating poverty –– it is just a game played mainly by the West against the Third World. Therefore domestic and international NGOs and donors should be given selective permission to operate.

Permission should be given on technical and not on political grounds. Feeding programmes should be allowed to operate.

People in the diaspora should be encouraged to return and invest in Zimbabwe. Dual citizenship should be allowed.

It should be accepted that opposition parties form.

A political opposition is a healthy thing in a democratic society and economy. A free and independent media can fulfil that function to some extent also.

Alex Weir,



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