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Blind Loyalty Costly To Nation

YOU (Joram Nyathi) are one of the most analytical writers in the Zimbabwean media circles.


I enjoyed reading your challenge to Alex Magaisa.

Blind support of politicians is the problem that has made the Zimbabwean political situation go from bad to worse.

We have chosen to “pamper” the MDC leadership and swallowed their every excuse, without challenging some of their weird actions. The actions of the MDC leadership had been flawed and this has given Zanu PF “victory” by default.

Your articles are very informative and well researched.

In my opinion you say nothing but the truth.

People have fallen into the trap that to be in independent media –– you have got to oppose everything Zanu PF does/says and praise everything an opposition does which is wrong.

We need objective journalism/analysts and I wish Zimbabwe could produce more journalists of your calibre.

Most “analysts” have positioned themselves for certain government posts in an MDC government, therefore anything that disturbs that arrangement must be scuttled.

I feel that it’s a shame to peddle such blind loyalty.


By e-mail.

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