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No Future For Youth Militia Generation

I AM a young Zimbabwean and I strongly believe that the use of young people as Zanu PF militia is a disgrace to society and should be condemned by all right thinking Zimbabweans.


When we see people looking on and not acting we start to think that may be they condone the whole concept.

The question is, where is this youth militia going?

What country is going to be defended by ordinary, young and inexperienced citizens?

The youths are young, what form of defence are they going to ensure a nation when clearly they need defending themselves?

Their legs are hardly strong enough to carry them and already military responsibility is being shoved on them.

Honestly it says a great deal about the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces himself.

What seems to have been forgotten is the fact that these children have a future too and that they need to look into it.

Why should they be the ones to protect the interests of a whole nation while the president and his retinue send their children to schools.

They live their lives without caring what happens to the ordinary child in their community.

Are their parents saying that it is fine with them having their children embark in this dead end, fruitless career, that would either send them to their early graves or leave them out cold with nothing to fall back on?

Is this what they have always wanted for their children?

Children are getting sucked into a dark, bottomless pit that they may not be able to climb out of (at least not alive I am sure), and parents are silently watching. Have society’s standards really dropped that far down?

The point that I am driving at is, a nation is going down and people are standing back and watching, no one is willing to condemn the use of these children by Zanu PF in the guise of national duty. This is abuse of office and power.

The future of a nation lies with the development and nurturing of its young people.

How is that possible if the future leaders of that nation are being sent off to military regimes instead of appropriate education facilities?

What becomes of tomorrow –– which is our future if today is fading away each minute as we silently watch the horror unfold?

Putting it simply, youth militia could not be a bigger crime to humanity anymore than it already is in Zimbabwe.

Emergency law enforcement has suddenly become more important than human life in what is left of this once beautiful country.

Children are supposed to enjoy their youth and not spend their time waiting for orders of state laws that condone such an inhuman act.

One may say it’s not every youth that has been recruited into military service so why the fuss, but I say as one nation, our voices should be heard as one.

It should not matter whether you are affected by the situation in question or not.

Greed is surely a dangerous thing.

Who could have thought that the youth of Zimbabwe would be working for irregular or no salaries at all in such great numbers?

There is no greater exploitation than this one. It is true after all, some people really do have fiery hands, everything they touch burns to ashes.

So is the case with the rulers of this country. Ironically, the world watches in disgusting silence.

Trishia Mabhena,

by e-mail.

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