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Goodies For Judges – Will System Improve?

THE recent gifts to judges of plasma TVs, satellite dishes, Mercedes, 4×4’s and generators by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe are a bit like the cherry on top without the ice cream underneath!


They will undoubtedly be appreciated by the judges, but will hardly improve the legal system in this country. On the contrary, the entire package smells strongly of bribery –– like their farms!

Indeed, it is the height of offensiveness to the majority of citizens for the Master of the High Court to justify the utility vehicles on the grounds that “it was not desirable for judges to drive Mercedes Benz in rough terrain going to their farms”.

The question is –– why now? Can it be that either government or the RBZ or both envisage being brought before these judges in the near future?

It would have been better to install generators at the courts or indeed, to launch and implement a genuine economic turnaround so that the courts and the rest of us do not have to think about generators any more!
Come on, RBZ, be serious please.

Trudy Stevenson.

Secretary for Policy and Research MDC.


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