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Mr Bean Goes Mobile

THE PlayStation 2 was, until now, the exclusive virtual home of the video game featuring actor Rowan Atkinson, well known for the role of Mr. Bean.


Things are going to change pretty soon, since Blast Entertainment, the developer of the PS2 version, has announced the release of Mr Bean for a handheld port of the original game.

This means that the release will include exactly 12 levels filled with fun and nonsense humour in the style of Mr Bean, in which you will strive to save your teddy bear. Along the way, you will have to battle bad guys using frying pans, explore vast, 3D levels and see a caricature of Mr Bean all the time. If you consider that fun, it means that Blast’s title is perfect for you!

The developers have made it mainly for youngsters and, just for them, they have created the “Whack” a mole event which will use Nintendo DS’ touchscreen. And it seems that it will be accessed quite often since Blast Entertainment claims that no less than 92% of kids below 11 years of age love Mr Bean and his style.

Here is what Kirsty Payne, Blast’s Head of Marketing, revealed, “We are delighted to be bringing Mr Bean to Nintendo DS.”

That’s quite a piece of news! It seems that Mr Bean will invade our virtual worlds and it is not a big surprise, since the character first appeared on television screens in 1990 and instantly became a very popular brand. This is one of the reasons why the PS2 version constantly gets into the Top 40 PS2 budget charts each week. This, after one year on the market, is something big. –– Softpedia.com.

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