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Helen Mirren’s Drug Confession

DAME Helen Mirren used to take drugs.


The 62-year-old actress dabbled with illegal substances when she was younger, but insists she was always a “good girl”.

She said: “I was always a good girl. I always showed up on time. I was never ever late.

“I never got drunk. I did drugs but only on my own time, not when I was working.”

The Oscar winner also revealed she regrets turning down the late Keith Moon’s request for her to perform on stage with legendary British rock band The Who.

She said: “It was my absolute failure as a rock ‘n’ roller –– I so blew it.

“It was my awful, ‘Got to do it the right way,’ kind of thing. I really lost out there. I’ve regretted it all my life. It was a terrible mistake”. –– Celebspy.


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