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A GNU Is Not The Solution

HISTORY is potent, every precedence is ingrained in it and the finest decisions have been premised on it and it will forever be so.


Robert Mugabe’s memoirs will certainly make an interesting read (if they are ever published) particularly the part where he’s going to paint a picture of the actual
things that were going on behind the scenes and in his mind between 1997 and now. I can’t wait.

Despite that, however, I remain adamant that negotiations, let alone a Government of National Unity, do not and will not serve the fundamental issues and expectations of the average Zimbabwean from any walk of life who is not a crony or direct beneficiary of the regime’s politics of patronage and appeasement.

I have just gathered that African leaders are united against sanctions and I know why.

Africans do not believe in continuity or the basic tenets of institutions. They are centred subordinates who focus on one leader blindly until they (the leader) become some kind of demi-god or cult figure. This is entrenched in the tendency by Africans to create “a cult of personality” around an individual, essentially and effectively creating “the institution” of a particular individual. The resultant effect is that you cannot separate the persona from the institution or vice versa or better still, the ruling party from the government. This is an intrinsic African predicament, from the ANC and Chamachamapinduzi to Zanu PF.

Even the MDC has and continues to create a cult of personality around Morgan Tsvangirai, at their expense of course.

The GNU if it comes to see the light of day will go down in history as the biggest diplomatic fraud because:

*How can victorious generals negotiate with their prisoners? Ideally the triumphant general is known to take their booty and plunder it creating subjects out of their “dogs” in the process.

*How can a clear victor negotiate with a clear loser? Utter hogwash!

*How can any democratic institution, Western or African, acknowledge an election result held under visibly jagged autocratic conditions?

In essence Mugabe and Zanu PF do not and will not even in donkey’s years represent the will of any rational Zimbabwean. Contemplate this: “Experience is the teacher of fools; however it is the best teacher”. The experience in question is that of others, a wise person should learn from other people’s bad experiences rather than tread on ground that has failed others before.

The MDC should just throw away the baby with the bath water. At least we will salvage some respect and history and morals will be on our side.

*Muzengeza writes from South Africa.

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