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ZDI Refutes Arms Accusations

ZIMBABWE Defence Industries (ZDI) has made very serious enemies after it nabbed some mercenaries who were hoping to use Zimbabwe to purchase arms to carry out a coup in Equatorial Guinea.


A Waldimar Pelser, who is said to have some close relations with Simon Mann, a mercenary who is now serving a 34 year prison sentence in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, is on the rampage, writing articles in the media about ZDI as the most evil company in Africa.

However, the author of these documents is so ignorant about what happens in the arms trade. The UN has a database and precisely knows every arms trader and where arms are traded. We in ZDI, in the first place do not manufacture arms but ammunition. We specialise in training ammunition which has no war head. In all our operations we have never dealt with any West African country.

There is no such information in any data base on arms control. We have never heard of the name Minim, who Pelser claims to be our trading partner. We have never got any inquiry from any West African country about anything. Charles Taylor is in the Hague now, why not ask him if he ever had any deals with Zimbabwe? Where is Minim? Is it not easy for Pelser to question him about all the imaginary transactions?

Pelser is also very ignorant and does not know that Zimbabwe has long been under an arms embargo, right from the time we deployed our troops to DRC.

All that he is trying to do is campaign for arms embargo against Zimbabwe, when in fact this was implemented ages ago. Only fools will believe his story.

ZDI Public Relations Office,


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