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Water Crisis Deepens In Harare

THE Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) is deeply concerned by the persistence of the water crisis in Harare despite the countless assurances by Zinwa that they will improve their service delivery.

CHRA reminds Zinwa that it is not a privilege for residents to get clean water, but rather it is a right.

Residents of Masasa Park have gone for the last one month without running water, while Dzivaresekwa 1 and 2 residents have been without water since July 13.

In Hatfield, there has not been running water for the past one week, while the Avenues in town have been exposed to erratic water supply for the past one week. Glen Norah, Budiriro, Mufakose, Gunhill, Ruwa, Highlands, Mandara, Chisipite, Borrowdale, Hatcliffe and most parts of Highfield have gone dry for the past week.

Mabvuku/Tafara is the hardest hit, where an area called “new stands” last had running water in 2006. Most parts of Mabvuku and Tafara have had no water for the past three weeks. The residents of Harare remind Zinwa that the absence of running water is a health time bomb.

The persistence of the water crisis simply means the constant exposure of the residents to a health disaster.
CHRA continues to deplore the government’s decision to give Zinwa the mandate to manage the water supply system for Harare and other cities.

This was a careless decision, which continues to haunt residents in all towns as well as threaten their lives. CHRA reiterates that Zinwa does not have enough capacity to run and manage the water supply for the city of Harare.

It is never late for this irresponsible decision to be reversed and save lives. Meanwhile, residents at Shingai Court in the Avenues area are now entering their third week without electricity. Zesa has not been able to clarify to the residents why there is no electricity and when the service will be restored. CHRA urges Zesa to take their work seriously and urgently restore electricity supply.

Farai Barnabas Mangodza,



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