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We Are Now Waiting For The Promised ‘Good Things’

THERE is no doubt now that the situation in Zimbabwe is no longer tenable.


Even the so-called resilience attributed to the people of Zimbabwe is fast wearing thin. What with transport costing close to $60 billion to and from the city per day, beef at $600 billion per kg, a pint of beer at $75 billion, two litres of cooking oil at $200 billion . . . the list is endless.

What I would like to state is yes there was a run-off presidential election last month, albeit a one- man race. Yes President Mugabe was “re-elected” for a further five year term and duly sworn in hours after the result annoncement.

It is highly likely that a new cabinet will shortly be announced. Given the above scenario where prices of every conceivable thing is sky-rocketing beyond the reach of almost all Zimbabweans, what plan is there to arrest this monstrous stagflation? We are being asked to believe that all good things are possible. Yes, but when are they going to be possible?

Is it really possible to empower 100% a starving man? In the last run-off Zanu PF used every trick in and out of the book to get re-elected. Their candidate was “duly elected”. So now why the stampede to get MDC-T into nter-party talks? I thought they had ready solutions to our economic mess.

Masawi Munyanyi,

Greendale, Harare.

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