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Mugabe Wants GNU For Selfish Reasons

THIS government of national unity (GNU) is a charade that anyone with common sense should be able to see through.


Mugabe is seeking to use the GNU to achieve legitimacy which he failed to get through the sham poll. A GNU is not about a few cabinet posts for the opposition. It has to do with government objectives and strategies on how to achieve those objectives.

There is no indication whatsoever that Mugabe has the economy in mind. There is no doubt that the welfare of the Zimbabwean people is of little concern to Mugabe.

All he is interested in is gaining legitimacy and ensuring that he will not be court-martialled for crimes against humanity. These are the priorities for Mugabe. Let no one be fooled.

The whole concept of a GNU with Zanu PF is not feasible.

Farai D Majuru,


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