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Meryl Streep Slams Male Stars Over Surgery

VETERAN actress Meryl Streep has hit out at male stars who have plastic surgery in a bid to retain their youthful looks –– insisting they should give up and “embrace getting older”.

The 59-year-old claims she has always resisted the temptation to go under the knife, but is worried about the growing number of actors who are looking to surgeons for a helping hand with their appearance.

She says, “You’d be amazed how many men in the industry have gone down that road. I don’t get it. I think you have to embrace getting older and celebrate life.”
And Streep insists she is actually more secure in her work now that she is no longer considered a Hollywood beauty.

She adds, “The good thing about getting older is that when they do cast you it’s often something interesting –– you’re no longer asked to be the beautiful leading lady.

“You’re allowed to do different things. I’ve had some very interesting parts over the past few years in films that examine all the idiosyncrasies people have.” –– Celebspy.

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