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What Is Moyo’s Problem?

WHILE everyone is applauding Morgan Tsvangirai for pulling out of the bloody run-off election, Professor Jonathan Moyo and Zanu PF are all out to condemn the pullout.


Zanu PF’s condemnation of Tsvangirai is understandable because Tsvangirai made them furious after they invested everything in ambushing him in the run-off elections. Zanu PF had cracked their heads thinking of strategies ranging from thwarting Tsvangirai’s campaign rallies to violence but only to be exposed at the last minute. Besides, Zanu PF have never seen anything positive about Tsvangirai regardless of the many lives he saved from Zanu PF’s jaws during the just ended run-off election. Zanu PF is bitter with Tsvangirai because their false claim to democracy was exposed at a time they thought they were home and dry.

It is Professor Moyo’s attack on Tsvangirai that boggles the mind.

Moyo seems to be more worried about Tsvangirai’s political career as a result of his pullout than the murder of fellow Zimbabweans. One wonders why the learned professor does not realise that human life is far more important than any election on earth. Only an insane person despite one murder too many will proceed with a senseless election. Not even more than 90 lives lost would scare Zanu PF to agree with Tsvangirai to stop the election. To the good professor, how many lives should be lost in order to convince one to stop the election? 1 000? Why doesn’t the professor see the reason why Tsvangirai pulled out? It was not about political career but about saving lives — including Moyo’s.

Despite his shortcomings, Tsvangirai’s pullout was the best thing that he had ever done to Zimbabweans. Clearly Moyo has not changed. Tsvangirai and Zimbabweans are in this mess because of Moyo. His huge contribution to the oppression by Zanu PF still haunts us. One would expect Moyo to apologise to the nation and join in the struggle, but alas he is still as raw.

Nizola Shiri,


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