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Shall We Cut The Baby Into Two?

THE situation in our country today reminds me of a Bible story during the reign of King Solomon.


Two women who lived together were asleep with their babies and one lay on her son and he died. The one who had killed her son woke up in the middle of the night and transferred the dead baby to the breast of the other women and took the living baby to her breasts.

In the morning the woman whose son was alive noticed that the babies had been swapped and an argument ensued culminating in them going to the king for judgment.

King Solomon, full of wisdom, ruled that the living baby should be cut into two parts and shared equally between the two women. The woman who was not the real mother was very happy with this judgment but the real mother was full of compassion for her son and offered that the other woman takes the baby alive. King Solomon ruled that the woman who had compassion for the child was the real mother.

Fellow Zimbabweans, today we have two women who both claim to be the mother of the nation. They are fighting over the right to be declared the lawful mother of the nation. The fight is so bad that the life of the child is threatened. One of the women has been filled with compassion as the life of the baby is threatened and she has offered the other woman the right to the child but alive. The other woman is keen to keep fighting for the child even if the child may die during the fight. She doesn’t mind cutting the baby into two. I salute the real mother for her compassion which saved the life of the child.

Let’s thank God for we have a mother full of compassion. To the real mother I say don’t lose heart. The day shall come for union of mother and child. What is important for now is to keep both real mother and child alive and wait for God’s day of reunion.

Pastor SMH,

By e-mail.

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