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It’s A Weird World

CRASH-TEST: A learner driver crashed halfway through his test –– but still passed.
Student Gareth Purslow (20) hit a Ford Puma as it pulled out from a parking bay, reports the Daily Mirror.

He continued the test with a dent in the side of his instructor’s Renault Clio at High Wycombe, United Kingdom, but feared the worst.

Delighted Gareth said: “I couldn’t believe it when I got the pass slip back at the test centre. When the crash happened I thought, ‘That’s it’, but my examiner let me carry on.”

And at the end of his hour-long ordeal, he did not have a fault on the marking sheet and got his licence at the first attempt.

Gareth said: “The examiner sorted everything out after the collision. I was so nervous my legs were shaking.” –– Ananova.

HUNG-LOW: A US town’s new police chief has banned low hung trousers that expose wearers’ bums.

Police Chief David  Dicks, of Flint, Michigan, says his officers will arrest people who wear their pants too low.

“This immoral self-expression goes beyond free speech,” he said in a statement. “It rises to the crime of indecent exposure.”

Some Flint residents are backing Police Chief Dicks, reports the Flint Journal newspaper.

“It’s overdue,” said Sam Berry, 73, of Flint. And Gwendolyn Allen, 72, agreed: “It’s so disgusting… It’s disgraceful.”

But others disagree. Claude Carter, 49, said wearing pants low was a fad  not a crime.

“I see young and old wearing their pants that way,” said Mr Carter. “It doesn’t annoy me.”

Greg Gibbs, a local attorney, says how people wear their clothing is a form of expression –– but warns that not all of those forms are protected by the constitution.

“The issue is: Does it violate the First Amendment?” said Gibbs, adding that he plans to research the issue further. –– Ananova.

MOZZI-MERCHANT: A Chinese man who set up an online business selling dead

mosquitoes says he has received 10 000 orders in just two days.
Nin Nan, of Shanghai, came up with the idea of selling mosquitoes he killed to attract visitors to his online jewellery shop.“I locked myself in the room, thinking hard of a promotion plan. With a ‘pa’ sound and a dead mosquito, I came up with this weird idea,” he told Qianlong News.

Nin sells his mosquito corpses for six yuan  less than half a British penny –– each. His ad reads: “Truly killed by human hands. Can be used for science studies, decoration, and collection.”

He says that his shop registered 250 000 hits and he received more than 10 000 orders for dead mossies within two days of posting the ad on various forums.

Nin added that companies were offering to pay for adding advertisement links to his online shop and he’s received two job offers, from an Australian red wine company and a Shanghai communications company.

But he said he would not be taking up either as he wanted to concentrate on his own business: “My goal is to make my face and name public,” he said. –– Ananova.

BARGAIN-BREAK:  Polish students snapped up a bargain break in Paris –– and found they’d been recruited into an Iranian terrorist group.

More than 3 000 Polish students signed up for the US$5-a-head coach trip but were bussed straight to a demo for Iranian militants, the People’s Mujahideen. The group is listed as a banned terrorist group by both America and the EU.

“It was a shock,” said one student. “I thought we were going to live it up in Paris  not join a terrorist group.” ––Reuters.



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