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ARE the so-called “special” agro-cheques so named because they are meant to cultivate inflation or because they make a fertile compost heap?



I WONDER why Zanu PF is eager to accept people who have allegedly defected from the MDC. It seems Zanu PF values MDC members very much!



LET us all vote. We are tired of Zanu PF. Last night they were forcing us to come out of our houses, singing and beating drums until 2am in the morning. Let us vote and kick them out!

J Dube, Harare.


IF the gun is more powerful than the ballot then why is Mugabe asking us to vote for him? The threats do not intimidate us because we can see behind them.

Sam, Gutu.


MORGAN Tsvangirai is the true man of the people. If we were talking in football terms we would describe him as the man of the match. Well done! You are the only one to have given the regime sleepless nights. June 27 here we come and we shall show them!



WHEN a people get old they retire and go to an old people’s home. Someone should catch the drift.

Enough, Harare.


GOOD leaders quit before becoming a liability. Only those who are unbalanced hang on trying to remind us of the past. These ones have to be kicked out always and the end of this month is a good time to do so.

Hazvi Kotwa.


I DO believe in 100% empowerment. The only problem for me though is that I know it can never come from Zanu PF. The future of this generation is in the MDC.

Youthful, Harare.


JUST how much more bloodshed, impoverishment and brutality must the people of this great nation endure under the dictatorship of Mugabe? I urge all Zimbabweans and moderate Zanu PF supporters to go to the poll with their conscience and vote the octogenarian out. Let us turn out in droves on June 27. I believe we can win togather!

Chembere yekwaChivi.


THE ZRP should stop being used by Zanu PF. Officers dressed in police uniform unashamedly stand up and chant Zanu PF slogans and threaten people who will not vote “correctly”.

M Chatambudza.


GOD is more powerful than the forces of evil. The violence perpetrated by this regime is only a set up for the victory for the forces of good. Even though life is full of man-induced tragedies blessings will come in due season. We should all hold on, for this too shall pass.

Fangi, Harare.


WHY do we hold multi-party elections if we do not accept the choices voters make? We should review the way we treat others as a society. The people that I hold high esteem for just quietly watch as this violence continues.

Stompie, Mbare.


I URGE all Zimbabweans to dismiss the assertion that MDC supporters are changing their allegiance to Zanu PF. These people who are being paraded at rallies and allegedly returning “home” are in fact former Border Gezi trainees and villagers traumatised by the regime’s thugs. Only time will show their true allegiances.



WHILST Mugabe deludes himself in asserting that Zimbabwe is his personal property the rest of Zimbabwe will focus on destroying that fantasy come June 27. The people will make their views known on whom they want to be made president of this country.

R Nhandamabwe, Chivi.


AMERICANS have their Bob Hope, Johnny Cash and Stevie Wonder. Zimbabweans had no hope, no cash and no wonder. That is until Morgan Tsvangirai came. Now we have hope and the rest will follow after June 27. Morgan is More!



LET us all rally together for the final battle.

Alligator, Harare.


MORGAN Tsvangirai does not need to campaign. This run-off is more of a Bob versus Inflation contest. I would advise Mugabe to send his soldiers and green bombers to beat inflation to submission, and then maybe I will vote for him. Turning the aggression on the people will not help his cause.



A FROG is a frog even if you put lipstick on it and make it smile. In the same way no amount of glossing up Mugabe’s image will make him the least bit appealing to voters.

Biologist, Mutare.


WHILST Zanu PF is busy showing us images of the past colonial injustices and repression by the colonial regime, the MDC is showing us a way into the future.

Cde Kitsiyatota, Mbare.




JUDGING by the number of Zanu PF officials’ children abroad, it appears that most Zimbabweans surely love the British. Most, if not all of them have children living in the West whilst they are busy fighting the West. I am persuaded to conclude that these “revolutionaries” are more stooges of the West than the MDC.


Mukanya, Hwedza.


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