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Posh Fears Los Angeles Is Ravaging Her Looks

VICTORIA Beckham fears living in Los Angeles is making her look older.


The former Spice Girl ––who moved to LA last July when her soccer star husband David Beckham signed to the LA Galaxy football club –– is so terrified her new home is aging her she has started doing facial yoga.

A source reveals, “Posh says the Los Angeles heat is really drying out her skin, making it sag and increasing the lines around her mouth.

“She makes a joke out of it when people accuse her of pouting, but she hopes the exercises will stop people calling her miserable as they’ll give her face more expression.”

Victoria (34) is too scared to have surgery so is doing daily facial exercises in front of a mirror in an effort to keep her looks.

Mom-of-three Victoria is so adamant her skin has already improved she has even convinced David (33) to try the regime to improve the lines around his eyes.

Meanwhile, Victoria is set to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show in a bid to woo US TV audiences into supporting her fashion label and to prove she is not just a soccer star’s wife.––Celebspy.com

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