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Police Not Serving The People

ON Tuesday last week revolutionaries from Bulawayo Polytechnical College took to the streets to demonstrate against crimes against humanity.


Armed with placards and banners the students marched peacefully for a cause they believed was just and legitimate. The students’ grievances were based on the water crisis, quality of education, and quality of food at the college among other things. While waiting for the college principal to address them the seated students were addressed by the armed riot police. Students who needed an answer to all their concerns were instead brutally assaulted and accused of pursuing a “regime change agenda”.

About 12 students were treated for various injuries sustained from the demonstration. The injuries ranged from severe fractures to lacerations on their bodies.

It is painful to note that the brutality of the Zanu PF regime has
now been extended to innocent students. Clearly someone at the
helm of the police force is allowing this to happen. Let it be known that the police force should be non-partisan. The mandate of the police is to serve the nation not the Zanu PF elite.

Venancio Jachi,


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