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Mugabe Closing All The Doors

I AM currently in South Africa receiving medical treatment.


President Robert Mugabe is closing all the exit doors that lead from the dramatic confrontation that lies ahead of him on June 27.

He has now destroyed whatever remaining international reputation that he once had, is deeply embarrassing to all his erstwhile admirers in Africa itself and while he remains under the partial protection of Thabo Mbeki, this is a tattered umbrella at best.

As in 2002 when he was facing defeat in the presidential election that year, he is throwing caution to the wind and in the process sealing his fate. In 2002 he lost his credibility as a democratic leader and was stripped of his status as a political leader. In 2008 he will lose much more — his right to lead this country, his remaining dignity and standing. He will go down in history not as the man who brought freedom to Zimbabwe but as the man who presided over failing country’s economy.

His actions lately have simply been outrageous and the global outcry has been not only universally hostile but also informed.

If Mugabe does not know it now he will never know the truth that in the 21st century, it is just not possible to maintain a closed society. Communications are swift and merciless.


Eddie Cross

Pretoria, South Africa.

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