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OWN-GOAL: A taxi driver unwittingly became the getaway driver for a thief who had just burgled his home.


Mr Shen, of Huainan city China, picked up the passenger at a bus stop at around 3am, reports Xin’an Evening Post.

“He had a lot of home appliances, so I helped him put all of his things into the cab,” he said.

“I noticed he had a fish without a tail, and I thought how much it looked like the fish in my freezer at home. But then I laughed at myself for even having the thought.”

The passenger said he had just returned from a trip to his home town and had been dropped off by a long distance bus. Mr Shen only realised the truth when he later returned home to find his house broken into and his possessions – including the tail-less fish – missing.

Police later arrested a 56-year-old man who faces charges of burglary and theft.––Reuters

WRONG: A depressed man tried to end it all by getting run over by a train in Italy – but lay down on the wrong set of tracks.

Martin Rapos, 31, settled onto the rails at Deiva Marina waiting for the express train to Genoa to hit him at more than 130kilometres per hour.

Instead he watched it tear past him at high speed on another set of tracks beside him.

The train driver spotted Slovakian-born Mr Rapos and called police who took him to hospital where he is being treated for depression.

A police spokesman said: “He had planned his suicide very carefully and knew exactly when the train was due – he just mixed up the tracks.”––Ananova

TRAPPED: A pair of teenage German car thieves ended up calling police for help after they were cornered by a herd of wild boar.

Dieter Meier and Reiner Klose, both 18, had abandoned a stolen car and run into thick forests after being chased by cops in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania region.

They managed to lose the officers and planned to wait until the next morning but were charged at by a herd of wild boar.

They climbed up a tree but the animals would not go away and eventually they had to call police. They were immediately arrested and charged with theft.

A police spokesman said: “They were petrified by the boar. They decided arrest was better than the pigs.”––Ananova

BANNED: Football authorities have banned a whole team after they lost 54-1 in a promotion derby.

All 11 players in Germany’s DJK Lowen II’s first team have been suspended for a year after being accused of deliberately letting rivals Rheinkassell-Langel II win to gain promotion.

But Lowen have won at least one title after Cologne football authorities allowed the result to stand.

“They decided that Rheinkassell weren’t involved directly in the cheating so they kept the points and Lowen is now officially the worst team ever in German league football,” said one fan. ––Ananova

CRIME-BUSTER: A US shopkeeper has been warned that he could be jailed for his unusual way of dealing with shoplifters.

Colorado store owner Gabe Fidanque told thieves he’d call the police unless they gave him one of their shoes.

But police told him his punishment counted as robbery, whereas shoplifting was merely a misdemeanour.

Mr Fidanque, of Durango, says he was losing £500 a month and police were doing little to prevent shoplifters targeting his shop.

“I give them the choice. I say, ‘I’m either going to call the cops or you give me one of your shoes’,” Mr Fidanque told The Durango Herald.

“They’re too humiliated to come back and ask for their shoe, and that also means they won’t steal again.”––Ananova

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