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What A Dis’Grace’ For Mugabe

THE comments made by First Lady Grace Mugabe in Shamva and reproduced in last week’s Independent (May 30-June 5) are a disgrace.


Whenever Grace speaks at rallies, she makes an effort to insult voters.

We hope her comments that Mugabe will never leave State House are just part of bedroom talk between herself and “baba” that should not have been made public.

Does Grace know the purpose of elections? No, first what does she know about politics?

If Grace is interested in politics she should have found a constituency, campaigned there and we would have seen how she would have fared. Grace could learn a thing or two from politicians such as Joice Mujuru.

Grace must not try and determine the results of the elections before we have cast our ballots less she is accused of trying to rig the poll in favour of “baba”.

Being in State House is not a lifetime award. It is a priviledge bestowed by the electorate on the candidate they want. This is something that Grace appears not to have grasped from the few years that she has been in State House courtesy of the President.

Grace is doing a bad job already as First Lady. Look at the number of children living on the streets. What became of that Iron Mask project of hers for orphans? We hope the orphans were not an excuse to chase off the white owners. As if that is not enough, she has a handful of her own teenage children in need of motherly love. Not a loose cannon making a fool of herself. Mugabe must be embarrassed by this. No wonder ZBC edited out her remarks from the newsclip.

Please amai, your petticoat is showing!

By Taona Donzvo who writes from Harare.

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