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Shame On Grace Mugabe

IT was a pity reading that Grace Mugabe swore at a rally that no one, other than a Zanu PF member will ever move into State House.


Please Grace! The State House is not Zanu PF property but property for the government.

If I were Grace, I would refrain from using such words with a cruel hidden meaning. Grace is likely to outlive “Baba”. Accordingly, she should avoid making comments which might implicate her as a party to the on-going violence, lest one day perpetrators of violence are brought to be answerable for their atrocious deeds.

Coming from Grace, this is not surprising. It is selfish and immoral.

I pray voters in the upcoming presidential re-run will go to the polls in their thousands to exercise their right to vote. Zanu PF, as a party, has failed the country and the rest of Africa. Even Mugabe himself knows this.

People are being murdered, raped and tortured on a daily basis and Mugabe does not openly condemn violence and bring perpetrators to justice.

Zanu PF is a party whose only weapon to stay in power is to use violence on its own people to have no effective opposition. If Mugabe wins this culture of violence will be there to stay and life is going to be unbearable for all in Zimbabwe.

Zanu PF officials act as though they are Mugabe’s wives just to protect their own selfish needs.

People of Zimbabwe fought to have peace, joy and prosperity in their nation not to be under perpetual rule of a violent party.

No one elected you Grace, so keep your views to yourself.

Augustine Wafuka



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