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Mugabe’s Poster Says It All

IT is with a mixture of mirth and horror that I viewed this “damage-control” poster which the Zanu PF propaganda machinery has vomited up, as published in the latest Zimind (May 30-June 5).


This follows that most virulent election campaign poster “Behind the Fist” that was plastered all over the country. What a horribly violent election manifesto which clearly shows the Mugabe and Zanu PF mindset!

The efforts have reached farcical proportions in an effort to justify, or to put the “correct” perspective onto this violent poster.

The admonitions by President Mugabe that “Such violence is needless and must stop forthwith” are immediately counteracted by “Our fist is against white imperialism”. What racism and willful promotion of the very violence he appears to eschew!

“It is a fist for the people of Zimbabwe”. Presumably meaning the fist that continues its unabated assault on the poor rural folk, the most vulnerable of people economically and socially. By now all of us in the urban areas will have heard the stories of the violence visited on these poor folk.

“Never a fist against them”. In Mugabe’s mind-set it definitely is them and us!

“Support comes from persuasion not from pugilism.” Words spoken by the most pugnacious of men, who delights in speaking of his “Degrees in Violence”. We should also comprehend this cruel man’s definition of “persuasion”. How Murambatsvina “persuaded” the people to abandon their homes and livelihoods for instance. And how the people today are being “persuaded” as to who they should vote for.

Every tenet of this man’s ethos lies against that of humanitarian dignity. His only claim is that of violence and inhumanity towards all Zimbabweans but especially the less priveleged in our society. Has he ever spoken in public about nation-building, love, togetherness, good-neighbourliness? He is a bitter old man and a sore loser!

Every action he and his cronies make, everywhere they tread, every word they speak or write casts a pall of gloom over our nation.



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