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THONG-BANDITS: Police in Colorado are hunting two robbers who failed to grasp a fundamental rule of crime –– mask your identity.


Rather than ensuring their faces were covered, the dozy duo opted for a more fashionable but less effective disguise. CCTV cameras caught them at a Colorado convenience store wearing thongs over their faces.

The ladies’ underwear, which leaves little to the imagination, was a far from sensible choice.

One wore a green thong while the other opted for blue –– but the pair’s nose, mouth and chin were barely covered.

The rest of their face was clearly visible, police say. Officers also have a few more clues to work with as one of the men failed to cover up a distinctive tattoo on his arm.

Stolen cigarettes and cash they took from the on-duty worker were also stashed away in his pink backpack.

The men, believed to be in their 20s, were not armed. ––Sky

UNDER: A hypnotist from England has undergone surgery on his right hand without a general anaesthetic.

Alex Lenkei, 61, chose to sedate himself by hypnosis before undergoing the 83-minute operation.

The operation at Worthing Hospital involved removing some bone in the base of the thumb and fusing some joints in an attempt to improve his arthritis.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon David Llewellyn-Clark said he was happy in agreeing to the unusual sedation on Mr Lenkei, a registered hypnotist who has been practising since the age of 16.

Mr Lenkei said the surgery “went amazingly well”.

“It took between 30 seconds to a minute for me to place myself under hypnosis, and from that point I felt a very deep relaxation.

“I was aware of everything around me, from people talking and at one stage a hammer and chisel was used as well as a surgical saw, but I felt no pain.”

Throughout the operation, an anaesthetist was on standby to administer an anaesthetic if necessary.

Mr Llewellyn-Clark said he had been confident that Mr Lenkei was a skilled hypnotist and was “delighted all went well”. ––BBC Online

PROOF: A Romanian fed up with neighbours’ gossip has been to a gynaecologist to prove she is still a virgin at the age of 60.

Rodica Trandafir, 60, from Bacau county in eastern Romania, posted the results of her virginity test to neighbours to stop rumours in her hometown.

She told local media: “I’d had enough of locals gossiping they said men kept coming to my house at all times of the day and night.”

She has now visited a gynaecologist who confirmed she was a virgin and gave her a certificate to prove it which she then posted it to all her neighbours.

She added: “There has been some nasty gossip about me. The men my neighbours are talking about are relatives who are helping me do some work on my house.

“To make such accusations about a woman of my age is disgusting. I hope now they will all shut up. To claim I am a loose woman of any kind is outrageous.”––Thats-weird.net

ROACH-TV: A TV station is under investigation after a cockroach was seen scuttling across a news reader’s desk during a live broadcast.

Turkmenistan’s national station was bombarded with calls from disgusted viewers saying it had put them off their dinners after they saw the insect during the main evening news programme.

Culture Minister Gulmurat Muradov has ordered an internal investigation at the channel. 30 people including editors, directors and technical operators have been sacked over the incident. ––Ananova

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