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We Want To Elect Town Clerk

I HAVE always been under the impression that Harare’s Town Clerk is appointed to look after the best interests of the city’s residents and ratepayers.


However, unlike past Town Clerks, the present incumbent presents himself as lacking in respect, in business etiquette and plain old good manners! Why else would a letter from the Avenues Central North Residents Association, hand-delivered to his office some months back, raising several important issues, go unanswered and the issues unaddressed?

With such an uncaring attitude it is no wonder that the city’s infrastructure and services continues to deteriorate at such an alarming rate!

Ratepayers are able to elect councillors, why not the Town Clerk? If this were the case we might be able to get the office wallers off their bottoms, out and about, observing, and managing, and who knows, paying greater deference to ratepayers interests and demands!

M Leppard,


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