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Robert, This Is Not What We Fought For

I AM a war veteran who fought in the liberation struggle. At 56 I am disgruntled by the way President Robert Mugabe has run our country. I really know the pain of war. He is running Zimbabwe as if it’s his personal estate, making laws overnight to extend his stay in power.


When we went to war against the Ian Smith regime we knew that we were fighting a regime that had to be completely done away with but it seems as if what we fought in 1977 has resurrected in our own fellow comrade.

We fought for peace, equality, prosperity, freedom and stabity but above all we fought for the land. Zanu PF keeps on saying it gave people the land as if it owns it. The land belongs to every Zimbabwean notwithstanding their colour, social standing, creed or any other aspect open to discrimination. Zimbabwe does not belong to Mugabe, he does not own it. He isn’t even a chief in his native Zvimba and yet he claims to have given people land.

I loathe Mugabe so much because he has presided over Zimbabwe’s economic demise due to his myopic policies. World record inflation for a country not at war. Lowest life expectancy at 34.

Mugabe single handedly dragged Zimbabwe out of the Commonwealth. He has politicised the Reserve Bank and he has refused on numerous occasions to anoint a successor and has quashed any attempts to stir debate on such an issue. Mugabe does not like anyone who opposes him. This is a very poor credential for a leader. Come the much-anticipated run-off I say we are going to vote Mugabe out.

I would like to warn Morgan Tsvangirai against forming a government of national unity with Zanu PF. We need a completely new government. A bad apple will make all the others bad as well.

If you get in power Morgan please start by reducing the size of the army. Do we really need all those jets and military hardware? It is choking our budget. The CIO also needs to be shrunk as it serves no good purpose in a healthy democracy. These resources can be better used. Cabinet size also needs to be reduced as it puts a strain on the economy with its excessive expenditure.

Takadini SR,

By e-mail.

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