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Mbeki On The Brink Of Failure

IT is ironic that South African President Thabo Mbeki, who had been viewed by many as an icon of the New Africa, has seen all that he had viewed as embodying that vision disintegrating in the short space of a few months.


Instead of Mbeki, who is in the twilight of his presidency, entrenching the positive policies he had advocated for — which had been positive to his nation and Africa as a whole such as Nepad and Black Economic Empowerment — he has allowed his reputation to be wasted away and made even the most ardent of his supporters rethink their position.

His apathetic and somewhat arrogant position regarding critical issues such as the Zimbabwe crisis, crime in South Africa and the recent xenophobic attacks on black immigrants in his country speaks volumes about a leader who is seemingly detached from the issues on the ground. It would be fair for one to surmise that the xenophobic violence can be blamed on him because he failed to acknowledge the gravity of the crisis in Zimbabwe and failed to institute an immigration policy that deters the flooding of foreigners as well as having no plan on the need for the rehabilitation of foreigners.

Joseph Marufu,


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